Economics and the Bahá’í Faith

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Questions that need to be asked for exploring new models of economic life that give hope to the world.
Why don’t we deal with the root cause of problems rather than fixing and repairing them which eventually will return? Why do we tend to focus on one crisis at the time and don’t see the interconnections between the different components of the whole society? Why are policymakers not realizing that the root cause of crisis is not necessarily financial but the absence of truthfulness and trustworthiness in the system? Why aren’t we realizing that current economic systems are not in the interest of the whole of humanity? Why should some of these financial institutions become so large that if they fail the entire society suffer? Why aren’t we learning to bring ourselves to account each day? Why did we refuse to take the necessary steps toward a safer, more prosperous and happier world for so long? Why do we not view the benefit to others as equally important as our own? Why do we not concern ourselves with the impact of our decisions on our neighbors, our community, our environment, the next generation and the world as a whole? Why have we allowed the growth of such an unhealthy lifestyle to go unquestioned and unchecked?
This book is an answer to these and many other questions and relevant economic problems of our time.
This publication of Economics and the Bahá’í Faith is a thesis-to-book reference material which is about “The Bahá’í teachings on economics and their implications for the Bahá’í community and the wider society.”  The book is unique and timely not only for the Bahá’í community but also for the academia and the general public. It can be used as a resource and reference material by students and researchers investigating the spiritual solution to economic problems. In particular, it helps students in the departments of economics, theology, sociology, and politics. This work attempted to ascertain the relationship between the spiritual, moral and economics. The proposition is, that despite the conventional and contemporary economic thinking that economic problems could be resolved through purely economic policies, this book emphasises the need for ethics and spirituality as part of the solution.

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